Thursday, February 9, 2012

Macro-English (2)

Learning English is a process of mind-training and memory-developing. A learner is always required to think of a definition or a concept the other way round.
                The sun rose.
The noun "sun" is the action doer and is called "subject". So a subject (action doer) is a noun. That is a noun can be the subject of a verb.
To complete the thought, we say a verb has a noun in front. To put this in reverse order, we take any word or words sitting before a verb to be a noun (subject). Such a way of thinking back and forth about an idea marks the first step as the foundation stone toward mind-training to build up the knowledge of the language. In brief, a learner should approach English as an active thinker, not a thoughtless reader.
With a trained mind we are able to write down an idea in different ways:
               I saw something strange.
               Something strange caught my eyes.
               There was something strange coming into my sight.
               Something strange was spotted by me.
And more, much more, we will stand to gain in all aspects of our lives, just thinking one step ahead of others. Now try and get used to stretching the brains always back and forth when it comes to studying English.

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